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Transformations By Sean Michael is the most complete, mobilized fitness and wellness solutions company, certified by NASM.  I operate out of Bergen and Passaic counties.  My services include one on one personal training, partner training, seasonal boot camps and special events training.   Service in the following towns:  Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, Waldwick, Ramsey, Ridgewood, Mahwah and Paramus. 

You are the star of your own show…


Find new ways to motivate yourself in all facets of your life and allow your mind to be opened to a new transformation of positive thinking.   This blog will feature articles related to living a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. 

You are the star of your own show…

Sean Michael

Believe it or not, you were born to play you, baby! No one else could comprehensibly do the things you do with the utmost perfection besides…well…YOU! Whether you realize it or not, you have been acting and in some cases auditioning for most of your life.  You acted like the perfect baby when you were young or maybe not so perfect when you didn’t get your way.  Then and even now, you act like the son or daughter that you think best supports the daily scenes and interactions you are in.  Perhaps in grade school or high school, you might have auditioned for the role of class clown by trying to make people laugh and if it didn’t work, you looked for another standout role.  Class President, part of an athletic team, drama queen or just the one that goes the opposite way of the crowd…these were not just handed to you.  You had to act a certain way or perform certain tasks in order to be awarded with those titles. 

Some of you are mothers, fathers, friends, brothers, sisters, lawyers, doctors, consultants or even IT managers.  Either way, whatever role you have, you are constantly switching when the lights go on.  For example, take this scenario:  You are at your desk…the phone rings and it’s your husband.  Action! Your role instantly turns to the concerned (or annoyed) wife and then goes back to delegating tasks around the office while running a meeting.  Some of us are able to switch quickly into other roles because they just feel natural.  Others need a little rehearsal time even though it is a part you have been asked to play several times in the past.  Maybe it’s new and outside your scope.  No matter the situation, no matter the odds, ultimately we are the ones who control our thoughts and actions.  Take deep breaths, find the persona that will help get you through the situation or better yet, fake it till you make it! Confidence breeds confidence as well as greater potential opportunities. 

But how did you get to be the one in the corner office? You gave your all for your company so you could earn that promotion by acting like and believing that you are always the best woman for the job! How did you end up getting married? You were auditioning for the man of your dreams and vice versa.  Life is a series of casting calls and auditions.  Someone is calling on you on a daily basis to be a listening ear as a friend, a coach and mentor as a father or to be the one the director chooses to be the star in their production.  In each and every situation, YOU are the star of your own show! Yes, you may have a supporting cast to lean on but ultimately, each situation you face is your own to handle.  You are in the spotlight so let it shine on you and be your best! Take control of your own life’s movie.  You are the actor, director and producer.  You are on set 24/7 so make the most of it.  Our movie will come to an end one day.  Why wouldn’t you want it to be one that people will be talking about and remembering for years to come?