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Transformations By Sean Michael is the most complete, mobilized fitness and wellness solutions company, certified by NASM.  I operate out of Bergen and Passaic counties.  My services include one on one personal training, partner training, seasonal boot camps and special events training.   Service in the following towns:  Franklin Lakes, Wyckoff, Waldwick, Ramsey, Ridgewood, Mahwah and Paramus. 



Find new ways to motivate yourself in all facets of your life and allow your mind to be opened to a new transformation of positive thinking.   This blog will feature articles related to living a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. 


Sean Michael

What is holding you back? You look at others and think, "Why can't I be like him?" or "How does she do that and get those results?".  The view that we have of ourselves is often so skewed and far fetched but unfortunately, we learn to live with that view as the truth.  The important thing to remember is the only comparison you should be making is to yourself.  No one else is like you, thinks like you, reacts like you and views the world as you do.  We may possess similar qualities or characteristics but it is the little idiosyncrasies of each one of us that gives us our true character and personality.  But why do we feel the need to put entirely too much pressure on being like someone else when being who we are is sometimes tough enough?

I'm here to tell you it's time to BLAST THE WALL! Walls are put up, usually self-imposed and created as barriers or boundaries to keep others out or keep you from being the best self you can be.  Stop me when this sounds familiar..."I can't go out with anyone ever again because I am going to get hurt" or "I'm not applying for that job because I know they will not even look at my resume" or "I can't go to the gym because EVERYONE will stare at me and make fun of me because I am not sure what to do."  It's time to take a stand for yourself and BLAST THE WALL! Get over it, go around it, blast through it but don't let it keep you imprisoned for the rest of your life.  Whether it is fear of a past failure or fear of future success, fear is the key word.  Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  The evidence is baseless because each situation is a new opportunity to rise and shine, divide and conquer.  It's is not a self-fulfilling Shakespearian prophesy or tragedy.  Instead, try this one on for size.  I heard this from a song by the band
Papa Roach and their definition and song title for fear is Face Everything And Rise! 

We may have physical or mental limitations but they are only as limiting as you make them.  As one of the judges said this season on Dancing With The Stars said about Iraq Veteran, Noah Galloway who lost part of his right arm and right leg and
performed amazingly, "“Your experiences are unimaginable, but your spirit soars unbroken my darling. You really are the ultimate role model. You want a superhero? There it is,’ That is what BLAST THE WALL is all about! Don't place limits, barriers or excuses on yourself but instead choose to fight, persevere and live in your own life! You are the star of your own show so show up and act accordingly! #blastthewall

  Iraq Veteran and Dancing With The Stars Contestant, Noah Galloway

Iraq Veteran and Dancing With The Stars Contestant, Noah Galloway