By Cesar Gabisan


What do you really want? A better life? A shinier car? The American dream of perfectly a manicured green lawn and a white picket fence? The envy of all your neighbors? And then what? Is that enough? Do you think you can stop there and be satisfied? Or is that complacency? Would you then be settling? Would that make you average in the eyes of people who fit into your perfectly rounded, squared peg? Now how does that make you feel? Did you even care? Do you ask for too much? Perhaps you didn’t ask for enough? But when will you know? At what moment can you honestly look in the mirror and convince yourself that you have it all? Have you ever self-reflected like this? Does it feel weird? Pointless even? Is anyone watching me? What do I stand to gain by asking myself all these questions? Does it make me a better person? Does it make me feel bad about myself? Where do I go from here? Why did I make the choices I made? How did this all happen? When will I learn? Who will even notice? What difference will this make? If you do not ask yourself the simple questions, the important questions, the obvious questions…who will? Will it give you all the answers you are looking for? Are you ready for the answers once you have them? What will you do with them? Where will they take you? Is it getting clearer yet? Did you get it? Do you still want to play a game? What do you really want?? A better life??? A shinier car????

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