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Welcome to My Community

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for being healthy. But that doesn’t stop Transformations By Sean Michael from helping you reach your fitness and health goals in several ways. That is why I want to provide access to my wonderful friends who have a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields.


Courtney Anaya holds a BS in dietetics from James Madison University and
has recently completed an MS in human nutrition and functional Medicine through the University of Western States. She has previously worked as a Nutritionist for the State of Florida Department of Health and for Fostering Fitness in NYC; Courtney was also the Nutrition Editor for *Muscle & Fitness* magazine. She has also written feature nutrition and health articles for Muscle & Fitness magazine, The San Francisco Chronicle, LiveStrong.com, Natural Practitioner magazine, Vitamin Retailer magazine, and the Taste of Home magazine. Courtney's nutrition approach is not a "one size fits all" approach; she creates individualized plans based on a person's needs and goals. Her counseling experience is in sports nutrition, weight management, pre- and post natal nutrition, pediatric nutrition, and menopause and postmenopausal nutrition. When Courtney is not working with clients, you can find her running. She has run the 2017 New York City
Marathon and the 2018 Vancouver (BC) Marathon, and she is currently training for the 2018 Chicago Marathon and the 2018 New York City Marathon.


Kelly's Kitchen is taking the work off your plate for meal prep so she can put the real meal back on yours! She offers breakfasts, lunches, dinners and hearty salads. All meals are clean, balanced and perfectly portioned. Ingredients are Organic and Gluten Free.

Menus come out Thursday and Friday. Clients tell her what they want and how many meals for the upcoming week. Pick-ups are on Sundays and all meals are $10. You can text or call Kelly at 201-206-3550 to get started!


Reiki is a relaxing, powerful healing technique that was developed by dr. Mikao usui. Dr. Usui developed these powerful japanese healing techniques in the late 1800s. Reiki (“ray-kee”) is a japanese word meaning “spiritually guided life force energy.” reiki can be used alone or in conjunction with many forms of medical or therapeutic treatments, as a matter of fact it has been gaining so much popularity due to it’s effectiveness many veterinarian, medical and cancer treatment centers are now offering reiki sessions to their patients.

Some of the many benefits of reiki therapy are:
• Treats the whole body as well as specific physical symptoms and pain.
• Alleviates pain and discomfort from acute and chronic pain.
• Helps to relieve anxiety associated with disease, illness and emotional distress.
• Promotes better health and healing.
• Enhances the immune system for a healthier, better quality of life.
• Reduces everyday stress and anxiety.
• Restores balance and positive energy to the mind and body.
• Can be used to support patients before and after surgical and medical procedures.



Looking to get more out of life?
Robin Gardner, certified professional coach, cdc certified divorce coach, and intuitive, loves helping people achieve greatness so they can create positive results in their life. Robin is a member of the international coaching federation and the nj professional coaching association.  With over 25 years of research in personal development, she is the founder of phoenix life mastery and the divorce coach robin.  She will help you change your story and change your life while you navigate transitional times with confidence and clarity.  Robin offers guidance, motivation and support with a solution-focused approach in a caring environment.  She is also skilled in energy work using the emotional freedom technique (eft).  Her clients include both women and men who want to focus on such topics as career, relationships, emotional eating issues, wellness, or divorce.  Robin’s clients report feeling the following benefits:  love & connection, empowered, confident, happy, calm, focused, motivated, and less stressed.
Sessions are conveniently offered via phone.  One-on-one coaching, group programs and seminars are available.  Credit cards & payment packages are accepted.  Contact robin today for a 30-minute complimentary session and learn how her services can benefit you.


Jane Anne Banyra's Love For Yoga Came To Her During A Visit Back To Her Former Southern California Home When A Friend Invited Her To Take A Vinyasa Yoga Class. She Found Something On Her Mat That Day That Changed Her Life Forever. Between A Physical Practice She Had Not Yet Experienced, A Guided Meditation, And Her First Inversion; Everything That Mattered To Her, Every Untruth She Had Been Silently Speaking To Herself, And Every Part Of Her Carefree Being That She Had Forgotten Came To Surface. A Passion Came To Her That Grew Into A Vision Of Teaching What She Had Experienced. Jane Anne Believes In The Importance Of A Strong Physical Practice In Order To Break Through Habitual Internal Habits With The Balance Of A Meditative Mind And A Contemplative Spirit. 

Jane Anne Took Her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training At One Love Hot Yoga In 2013 Under The Teaching Of Kim Crotty And Brenda Blanco.  Her Yoga Career Has Had The Same Tremendous Passion Without Waiver Since That Pivotal Class. Jane Anne Is Known For Her Strong And Creative Vinyasa Sequencing, Her Love For Core Work And Her Hands On Teaching Style. She Continually Changes Things Up And Loves To Incorporate Her Adoration For Music And Its Place In Helping Create An Upbeat, Energetic Practice Balanced For Every Level. When Jane Anne Is Not Teaching Or Practicing She's Usually Studying Yoga, Making Music Mixes, Or Working Out... All In Between Her Tear-wiping, Shuttle-driving, Love-centered Life As A Mother Of Four Young Children.