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I used to exercise fairly regularly, but over the last two years, I have practically stopped going to the gym. I was always too tired, or I did not have the time to drive over to the gym, or I was too hungry, or I had some other excuse. My wife became concerned with my health, and insisted that I start working with a trainer. I was hesitant at first; I felt like I was too out-of-shape to be working with a trainer, if that even makes sense, but after sitting down with Sean for our initial meeting, I decided to give it a try.Since we were training in my basement, I did not know what to expect, in terms of the range of exercises we would be able to perform. I had some free weights and a bench, but nothing resembling a functional gym. I was surprised to find that what I had was more than enough, and Sean supplied additional pieces of equipment when necessary, for specific exercises. Sean would first demonstrate each exercise, and offer guidance and encouragement when it came time for me to perform the same exercise. He ensured that we stayed focused, but kept the interaction relaxed, and although the pace was brisk, it was only as much as I could handle - I was never purposefully pushed to the point where I thought I would be sick - and in the end, I definitely felt like I put in a solid workout, even more so the next day.After our first 10 sessions, I noticed positive changes in my physique, and after 10 more, I felt stronger than I had ever felt, even stronger than when I was exercising regularly on my own years ago. My wife noticed overall improvements in my energy level and mood. All this was accomplished using the strengthening techniques that Sean demonstrated, utilizing only the resources I had available, and on my schedule. Furthermore, Sean took the time to help me document each exercise, so that I would be able to perform them on my own, either at the gym or in my basement.I would definitely recommend Sean as a trainer, to both experienced gym-goers who are looking for ways to improve their workout, and to fitness novices, who have never stepped foot in a gym.

Leon Berger

I hadn't felt motivated to workout in awhile, but working out with Sean changed my mind completely. The convenience of him coming to my house saved me so much time in my otherwise busy schedule. It's amazing all the different exercises we were able to do in such a small space with such little equipment, which he brought himself every time. We worked on all body parts and Sean always made sure my form was correct so I wouldn't injure myself. Each session was catered to my fitness level and abilities while allowing room for me to see how much more I was capable of doing. Sean also happens to be a great listener which helped relieve any mental stress at the same time. Working out with Sean is a great way to kick start a new healthy lifestyle, supplement the one you have or restart one when you've lost your motivation. Thank you Sean, working out with you was the best gift I ever gave myself!

Jenny Darakjian

Sean is a wonderful trainer. I learned so much over the six weeks I worked out with him. He taught me many different exercises that work for me and... proper technique. He is very dedicated to helping people become the best versions of themselves they can. He alters the workouts so it works specifically for you. I recommend Sean if you want a dedicated, personable professional.

Melissa LoVerde

Sean is quite possibly the most inspirational trainer anyone could have. He got me to the point where I actually shocked myself in how I could make it through an advanced workout. Even my athletic 20+ year old children were impressed. It's a bonus that he just happens to be one of the kindest human beings I have ever encountered.

Lora Monteleone

At my heaviest of 295 lbs I struggled knowing that when I walked into a gym or training facility even when I played baseball I would get made fun of and fall behind not being able to catch up. I finally had enough and scheduled a few training sessions with Sean. I felt comfortable and motivated knowing the faith he always had instilled in me. If I wasn't up for it, he would always cheer me on with a positive attitude.

The knowledge about weight training I learned from Sean's training was invaluable and something I still implement after many years of training. I now know not only how to get around the gym to maximize my workouts but I also know my way around the kitchen.

I still choose a day to eat whatever I want through out the week but always manage to get back on track.

I fractured my foot years ago and have had three corrective surgeries since and Sean's training showed me that even when sore or injured how to maximize a workout to prevent further injury and even how to recover! I believed in Sean, he believed in me and helped me accomplish my over 100 lb weight loss goal without any special drinks or weight loss surgeries! Getting trained by Sean straight up works! Book an appointment and I promise you won't regret it! It may just transform your life in a seriously positive way!

Austin Coiro